Patience my friends…

This is my first attempt with a blog. I’m not going to be productive but I’ll try to write about what’s important or interesting for me.
One of my interests is the handwritten word, in a wider sense.

I’m writing in English because I have so many friends in different countries all over the world, but don’t hesitate to write in Swedish, om det känns mer bekvämt så.

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  1. Dear Cole,

    It’s a great honour for me to welcome you to this humble place in Cyberspace! I think we have a lot in common when it comes to the art of writing personal notes and letters.

    About QSL-cards:
    The world of amateur radio and shortwave listening is full of strange abbreviations, CW, QSO, QSL etc. The background is Morse telegraphy with dots and dashes. The reason is to save time and increase readability. (Some abbreviations are in common with text messaging, for example: CU AGN = see you again.)

    QSL means something like “I confirm”. A QSL card is a hard copy verification that there has been a two way communication as specified on the card. Every radio amateur has his/her own call sign, mine is SM0VPE, where SM means Sweden, 0 means the Stockholm area and the suffix VPE is my personal.

    Ever since I was a boy I’ve been longing for being able to be active on shortwave with my own callsign using CW, (Morse code), and so it was for a period 2006-2007, and I’ve very proud of having been able to communicate over long distances just using my own hand and ear. It’s like being able to play the violin…

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain.

    73 es CU AGN (Best Wishes and see you again)



      • Cole,
        And this was only the Ham-radio side of it. Shortwave listening, like your father, is another variant where one side of the communication is by postal mail or e-mail. (I prefer to send handwritten letters to the different radio stations in the world.) There is definitely a postal aspect to this. I remember as a fatherless boy living with my mother in Northern Sweden. We had only her small widow pension for food and housing. But still I got letters, cards, pennants and stickers from all over the world in the mailbox. My teachers at school couldn’t understand how I got this kind of mail from other countries.
        Yes, I have a lot to tell. I’ll send you a notice backchannel.


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