“Everyone must pay for their crimes – even I must do it”

Just a reminder. English is not my mother tounge, so please have some patience with the errors in my text. I hope though that you enjoy the real stories that I’m telling.

After checking in at the Hilton Nairobi the 22:nd of August 2000 I decided to take a walk in the city. My first stop was The Holy Family Basilica, the beautiful Roman Catholic Cathedral. Strangely enough it was crowded with people before lunchtime an ordinary weekday! Just outside was a big Mercedes with the Kenyan flags. First I was rejected entrance, but a kind man gave me a sign and I could stand by the wall. I was one of the very few white persons there among the hundreds of people who filled the church. The service was, as I soon understood, a Mass to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of former President Jomo Kenyatta’s death. I knew at once that this was one of the great moments in my life. You should have heard the choir and the drums! A young priest preached. He said:

What would Jomo Kenyatta have said about the health care? What would he have said about the schools, the railroads, the roads, the corruption?

OK, I’m not quite sure he said corruption, but my jaw dropped and I sensed some kind of tension. Present in the church was President Daniel Arap Moi, and what the priest said was clearly addressed to him!

After Mass the crowd gathered outside the Church. What happened? President Daniel Arap Moi then took a megaphone from the trunk of his Mercedes and held a speech. My jaw dropped again. President Arap Moi said:

Everyone must pay for their crimes – even I must do it.

Did I hear correct? After the speech when the crowd dissolved I tried to pick one of the agendas of the Mass, but there was no one left anywhere. I have just my memory of this event to tell you…

President Arap Moi is there, somewhere in the middle

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