Thirty years in the Medical field


Yours truly in New York City, 2004

Thirty years ago, January 21, 1981,  I began my medical education at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. (Let’s see if you can find me in the picture taken that very day… Click on the link:  Inbjudan Reunion You must probably zoom the picture.) I had previously been a bus driver in the Stockholm area. I don’t regret for a second that I chose this path of life, and thirty years later I feel a humble gratefulness that I was given this opportunity. The foundation was laid by my Mother who always cared for me and encouraged me to study. She was born 1918 and died 1990.

Of course during these thirty years I’ve had my ups and downs both in my career and in my personal life:

  • The first year I had a really hard time passing the tests and I was very close to giving up the studies.
  • In 1985 I started dating Annika. We married 1988 and we have five children: Johannes born 1989, Elias 1990, Gabriel 1992, Elisabet 1994 and Maria 2002. As you can understand, my family is the centre and first priority in my life.
  • I took my Medical Degree January 1987 and got my full authorization from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, Socialstyrelsen, November 1988.
  • In 1995 I got my certificate as being declared Specialist in Family Medicine.
  • If I was to mark two achievements in my career I would like to mention that  in the 90’s at Huddinge University Hospital, I discovered two cases of Familial Mediterranean Fever, (it was before it was possible to perform a genomic test), and that during my eight years as Senior Medical Officer at Huddingehäktet, a high security detention centre, there was not a single death within the compound.
  • I’m very satisfied with my present job situation. Three out of four weeks I work in a small place, Järna, in the Southernmost  corner of Stockholm County, and every fourth week I work in Örebro County where I alternate between Varberga in the City of Örebro, and the rural place of Kopparberg.
  • Annika is busy with her piano pupils, giving lessons in our home. On Mondays she is weaving with some senior Ladies. All of the children are still living at home studying at different levels, from primary school to University.

PS: I’m the one on the sixth row from the top, left half of the picture, dark hair, reflexions in my round glasses…

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  1. Very interesting post, I really enjoyed that. I was always Roman Catholic, my wife converted to the RCC from the Episcopal Church when we were married. All three of our kids got to Catholic schools.


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