Dr Wennberg’s Casebook: Just Another Day at the Office…

This is a recent case, and this is written with the informed consent of the patient in question:

One of the first weeks this year, 2011, while I was routinely auscultating the lungs of a middle-aged woman I discovered a strange pigmented mark on her back. It looked like a black comet with a body and a tail. She herself wasn’t aware of its presence or appearance, and no one in her family had noticed it either.

The possibility of a malignant melanoma had to be ruled out so I sent a referral to the hospital. Five (5) days later she was operated and the diagnostical procedures showed that it, in fact, was a radically removed malignant melanoma in situ.

Lucky circumstances and a well working organization made her cured, and potentially her life was saved, on just another day at the office…

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