Parker Vacumatic 1946

If you happen to be one of my penpals you have probably received one or two letters written with this pen, a Parker Vacumatic 1946. It once belonged to a ”MARVIN YATES” of whom I know nothing. I bought the pen from a friend on . I sent it to Mr Björn Arebom in Malmö in Southern Sweden. He installed a new nib, a breather tube and a new diaphragm and voilá, an absolutely gorgeous pen that I use for those special letters. It’s filled with J.Herbin ”Lie de Thé”.

Parker Vacumatic 1946, nib

Parker Vacumatic 1946, black

2 responses

  1. Hi Lennart…
    ..a very fine collection of Fountain Pens. I have only “Pelikan’s” but I like this.

    I hope to meet you sometime on Air (I am also a CW enthusiast).

    73 and gl

    Gottfried (OE8GBK)


    • Dear OM Gottfried,

      Thank you for liking my post about my Vacumatic! I’m not a collector per se but in order to find the perfect pens you have to try some. As a project i’m thinking of obtaining a Pelikan M400 green striped instead of my black M200, but that is in a future.

      When it comes to CW I’m QRT at present but hope to be active again when some of our children have moved to their own flats…

      Nice to hear from you and CU AGN OM

      73 DE SM0VPE Lennart


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