My Coptic Bindings: Book I

NB: This is an old post. Please take a look at these postings instead:

Codex #1

Codex #4

This is my first attempt with Coptic bookbinding. The objective with this project was to show that with ordinary office paper, some cardboard and a linen thread I could, in fact, make a book without glue, cutting-machine, press etc. Mission completed.

The book feels stable, and can lay flat at any page. What it lacks is finish and elegance. Next time I will try to be more precise with cutting the cardboard and  making the holes.  I also need to make the cover a bit wider as the binding makes the cover to retract a couple of mm. Perhaps I also will glue two pieces of cardboard together to make the cover stiffer and perhaps glue on a fancy marbled paper.


Addendum: On Fountain Pen Network there has been a discussion thread about this coptic binding of mine:


Book I

Book I – flat

Book I – spine detail

5 responses

    • Jag har tyvärr inte tillgång till material.
      Men med vanlig sytråd och kartong går det att göra en riktigt tjusig bok!
      Omslaget kan man även klä in i något fint tyg.
      Allt som behövs är egentligen helt vardagliga saker.

      Och den som hon håller sysselsatt är Jyrki denna sommar!


  1. You might like to see my friend’s blog. She is a fellow weaver who is also an enthusiastic book binder. She is with her children in the Far East at the moment and bloging from there.


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