The Snapshot of my Life

Vidareidi, Faroe Islands, 1979

A.D. 1979,  twenty years old, I made my first trip abroad on my own. From Esbjerg in Denmark I took the ship M/S England to Torshavn on the Faroe Islands in the Atlantic Ocean between Scotland and Iceland. I spent some days in the Northernmost village of Vidareidi. Fog, fog , fog every day. One afternoon I decided to climb the mountain of Villingadalsfjall, 844 m above sea-level. As the mountain was at the end of the island I could orientate myself despite the fog. On my way up I met some German tourists on their way down. “Don’t go all the way up. You will not see anything from the top.” I continued though and reached the top. They were right. You couldn’t see anything and it was all silent. A strange feeling. Then suddenly most of the clouds sank , and you could see other mountains and Islands! I lifted my Minolta SRT-101b with a Tokina 135 mm and took this picure, a snapshot really. If I was aware of the bird or not I cannot remember, but I will never take a photo like this again. Look at the bird and the position of the wings and its flying direction!

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    • Yes, S-J, it was really a magical moment standing there alone on this mountain above the clouds. I remember that I really wanted someone to share this moment with. But at least I have some goods photos left of this trip.


  1. I also went to the Faroes for the first in 1979. I had similar experiences on Bordoy and Kalsoy, and subseqently on Villingadalsfjall itself in 1980, and Malinsfjall .in 1982.

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