NRK, Radio Norway

I have very fond memories of NRK and Radio Norway. They had very nice shows on shortwave with music requests and greetings to the Norwegian seamen far away from home. On mediumwave they had a very very powerful transmitter on 1314 kHz. When I was on duty at Lycksele lasarett, the little hospital in Lycksele and had one of the pretty rare opportunities to go downstairs to get some rest, NRK on 1314 kHz was the only station I could receive on my tiny little receiver.

I remember in the 80s when I lived in Flemingsberg I heard when the hosts of a nighttime show called the Soviet Embassy in Oslo and asked them how they would celebrate the CIA ,which had some kind of anniversary that day!

NRK Radio Norway


NRK Radio Norway b

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  1. Hello ,
    Really interesting website that we have found especially your “diaries” on Ham Radio and R&K inks that have just arrived.
    Nice colours for a change to our Alt Grun, Diamine Monaco Red, Prussian Blue, Emerald Green
    Please keep up the good work as my husband is a great fan of you.
    Take care,


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