Polskie Radio, 6135 kHz

When I grew up during the Cold War there were at least a dozen different international shortwave stations that had transmissions in Swedish. Me and and a couple of my friends used old domestic radios with glowing tubes to pick up and listen to these transmissions after the school-day. It was very difficult to explain all this to our teachers. Polskie Radio, or “Polens Radio Warszawa”, as they were called in Swedish was one of those broadcasters, and one of the nicest. They read our letters on air, which was an incredible experience for a schoolboy, and we learned that Chopin was from Poland and we heard about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943…

It was a cold war, but Polskie Radio was one of the “softest” broadcasters from the other side of the Iron Curtain.

Now Radio Polonia has only shortwave transmissions in Polish, Belarussian and Russian, from transmitters in Bulgaria…

Polskie Radio a

Polskie Radio b

2 responses

  1. Hello Lennart,
    Thank you for your reply.
    What an interesting story that brings back fond memories of those Mullard or Phillips radio valves warming up and the wax smell of capacitors until taken over by the “transistor” age.
    Did you listen to Warszawa 1 on Long Wave broadcasting near Kontancin from at that time the tallest radio antenna in the World ? It was 648 Metres power 2Kw
    until it collapsed in the 1990s during “conservation ” work on the steel guy ropes!
    Really nice to hear from you and that ham radio is still alive 😉
    Thank you and please have a pleasant evening.
    Take care,
    Danuta and Jan


    • Dear Danuta and Jan,

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      No I never heard Warszawa on Long Wave, I afraid.The only stations on LW I listened to was Sveriges Radio P1, Motala, (I have a special QSL-card from the last hour of transmission, I’ll publish that later), and Atlantic 252 from Ireland…

      I have a lot of old tube radios but they are a bit dangerous. If they worked perfectly yesterday, they can start burning today…

      Hope to hear from you again



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