IBRA Radio

IBRA is a Swedish based religious media company, belonging to the Pentecostal movement, (Pingströrelsen). During the glory days of Shortwave broadcasting they had their own produced programs in Swedish, as well as other languages, and also sold air-time to different evangelistic associations. They used the transmitters of Radio Trans Europe in Portugal. As a teenager I used to make tape recordings of the different programs. I still remember parts of the programs, for instance the last speech by the founder of the Pentecostal movement in Sweden Mr Lewi Pethrus. I also remember recordings with Pastor Jimmie Snow from the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN.



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    • Hello Georgi,
      Thank you for reading my humble blog!
      The positive thing is that I have a lot of recordings from the 70s. The negative thing is that they are on tapes on reels, and I have no taperecorder to listen to them… But I have a lot of programs, stations, passages, voices, music and interval signals in my memory.
      Nice to hear from you. When time permits I going to continue to publish my QSL-cards with some words to comment on them.
      Best Wishes


  1. Dear Lennhart, I am writing while waiting the airplane to get home from Finland. I feel so ‘tuned’ with you when you describes the years and the experiences you had when you listened to the short waves in the 80’s. I am bit younger than you, but I recognized the same emotions and feelings. My first radio was an old one, with an enchanting ‘magic eye’ tuning indicator. I spent nights and nights listening to Radio Moscow, VOA, Radio Switzerland …
    Times are changed. The closing down of MW and SW stations is really a sad phenomenon. I still think it’s a big mistake …
    I hold an amateur radio licence and I only operate valve professional receivers and homemade valve transmitters: amplitude modulated and on radio telegraphy. To me … Radio only means this.

    Thank you very much for the nice stories about your life you have published. Keep writing …

    Best 73
    Cristiano Greggio – IZ3CQI


    • Dear Christiano,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! It is wonderful that you took the time to write to me!
      The radio-related posts I’ve written is just the beginning. I have some posts in the pipe-line…
      When it comes to BC-stations I’m a regular monitor of Radio Taiwan International. Sadly enough, as a ham I’m currently only active on 2 meter FM. I’m longing to once again become active on 20 m CW but I lack time, space, money and support from the family. Hopefully I can do some SOTA-activations this summer. My dream is to do some Bergsteigen in Austria.
      Let’s keep in touch!


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