Sailor Professional Gear Realo 2010

One Pen to rule them all…

This is my Master Pen, a Sailor Professional Gear Realo. I bought it from and it is tuned by Mr. John Mottishaw. A pen can’t be much better than this. It writes like a dream. It’s built like a tank. It holds a decent amount of ink. Perhaps it lacks a bit of a personality, but it’s like comparing a Mercedes to a Austin Healey Sprite 1959.

PS: As you can see in the ink window the pen is filled with J.Herbin “Perle Noire”.


Sailor PG Realo

Sailor Professional Gear Realo H-M nib

Sailor PG Realo

Sailor Professional Gear Realo, ink window

Sailor PG Realo

My Sailor Professional Gear Realo 2010


3 responses

    • Hej Fredrik,

      Ja, det är svårt att tänka sig en penna mer välbyggd än denna. Enda problemet, som jag ser det, är just det att den saknar egen personlighet eller t.ex. den skönhet som t.ex. Parker Vacumatic har.


  1. Fast då min samling pennor inte är så stor så ter den sig väl. Fast mest personlighet har nog mina två vintage Parker, VS & Popular. Kommer ha min Sailor som daglig penna på jobbet! Men helt klart en grym penna!


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