Radio Sweden, 6065 kHz

Radio Sweden a

Radio Sweden b

In the glory days of international broadcasting, Radio Sweden were pretty prominent, both on 6065 kHz and om medium wave 1178/1179 kHz. In the early 70s there was a popular radio show late Saturday evenings, hosted by Kangaroo Kim and Big Bad Roger. (I think the latter is a professor now.)


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  1. Hello,
    actually the ‘one time pad’ is still an unbreakable encryption system, because it relies on pure random sequences of letters and numbers for coding. On the shortwaves there are quite a few number stations that transmit on CW; actually they are the majority and they are generally operated by eastern countries. Well within the third millenium the ‘one time pad’ and the radiotelegraphy are still the most simple, robust and probably the most cheap systems to deliver coded information to someone, with the highest security.
    Shortwaves are rather empty today. But those transmissions are still there, making the shortwave listening still an exciting experience.

    Best 73 de IZ3CQI
    Cristiano Greggio


    • Dear Cristiano,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I can just imaging what it is like to listen to numbers station on your huge Rhode & Schwartz receiver…

      BTW: Have you heard E25 the crazy Egyptian numbers station?




      • Hello!
        I’m not expert about the nomenclature of Number Stations. Can you give the frequency? I recall VERY WELL te german lady, that, around 6.550 KHz, in the 80’s, read numbers in german language. They said that was a station operated by STASI.
        Recently I’ve developed some interest in Cryptography, so i studied some books. Actually, as I said, the ‘one time pad’ system is still ubreakable, even if it is not the most easy and comfortable to use. It has limitations.
        When I play around in my shack, doing some experiments with my radio junks, I am used to tune on ‘4XZ’ station, from the Israelian Army, and I train myself, loosely, in listening to their CW emissions, while soldering components ….




  2. Good Morning Cristiano,

    Just a brief reply before I leave for Church. The nomenclature is based on a classification made by the Enigma group. E stands for English, G stands for German, M stands for Morse etc. For a wealth of information and pretty accurate schedules please try . (4XZ had previously the Enigma designation M22. 4XZ is like an old friend, just like you Cristiano.)

    Best 73s



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