Numbers Stations, null messages

It is not possible to break the codes and get the meaning of the secret messages of the numbers stations, except for one type of messages. That is when there is nothing to say, a null message. Here are my primitive recordings of four different numbers stations with null messages. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


3 responses

  1. Hi Lennart,
    just heard on 6.980 kc, a ‘number station’ with female voice, in german language. It’s 19 Sept, and 22:00 local time (Italy).
    Well … that same voice was commonly heard around 6.550 kc during the 80’s, and she was supposed to originate from the ex-DDR secret service ‘STASI’.
    The transmission stopped at 22:00 … but I have been quick enough to record it into an MP3 file !
    Do you want to hear ? 🙂

    Best 73
    Cristiano ‘Cris’ Greggio


    • Dear Cris,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes I would love to hear your recording! I’m pretty sure that you heard “The German Lady” or G06 in the Enigma classification:. run by the Russian GRU.

      BTW, I am just about to buy an Eddystone 830 in unused condition to my Father-In-Law. With its 22 kg it is not by far the weight and class compared to your Rhode & Schwarz but a nice receiver nevertheless.

      With your location in Italy you should be able to hear one of the most crazy Numbers Stations around, E25

      73 and CUAGN

      Lennart SM0VPE


      • Well, I’m not an expert on Number Stations, but it’s really surprising that the ‘German Lady’ is run by Russia ! Interesting !
        What I still find interesting, also, is that the Military Forces in Israel still send coded messages on CW to their agents, with impressive signals. I’m referring to ‘4XZ’ station, which is on the air since decades.
        That station always represents a good occasion for training CW reading, then … 🙂

        My Rhode Schwarz ‘EK07’ stock is now 10 units. Different models, different years of production. But I still do quite a constant CW activity with my homemade transmitter with valves. I do hope to hear you and have a rag chew soon on HF on CW.

        Take care, ciao!

        73, Cris


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