Sister Cristina – Blessed Be Your Name

I love this song, and this version in particular, for many reasons:

  • Its message is “praise to the Lord – no matter what…” This is not just words, this is a statement right until its most costly consequence. On an almost daily basis we hear about Christians being killed, just because they are Christians, confessing Christ, and refusing to convert to another religion. Now latest the 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, but not so long ago it was small children in Iraq who tried to explain that “We love Jesus! We have always loved Jesus!” just before being cut into pieces.
  • It does not paint an unrealistic picture of life as always happy, prosperous, etc but of a life with both joy and suffering, either not affecting the relationship with God
  • Music and text fit well together, and the song works in a lot of different settings.
  • This song cuts through borders between different denominations. It was written A.D. 2002 by an Evangelical Christian, Mr Matt Redman, but is equally popular among Roman Catholics. (Sister Cristina is a Catholic, and I’ve heard it sung by another female Catholic singer in the program Catholic Jukebox on EWTN.)
  • Last but not least, Sister Cristina herself is lifting this song to a another level, with her act, her voice and with her wonderful personality. She is not just another quiet nun, she is Sister Cristina, and she is brave enough to show it! (My wife says she is a bit low in pitch on the higher notes, but I myself cannot tell.)

Lennart Wennberg

Suor Cristina

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