Dactylorchis maculata, my first wild orchid

Jungfru Marie hand

While taking a  long walk, (13 km), in the woods near our home, with our son Elias and our dog Nala, I discovered this beauty. When I consulted our flora at home I could confirm that this beautiful flower is in fact an orchid, the most common in Sweden. Its Swedish name is Jungfru Marie hand, (The hand of Virgin Mary).

Perhaps you have this orchid where you live as well?

Addendum: I must confess that I am a bit confused. As long as I consulted our ten-volume flora everything was clear-cut according to what I have written above. In Wikipedia things are a bit more complicated with a slightly different name, Dactylorhiza maculata, and a different Swedish name: Fläcknycklar. (English name according to Wikipedia: Heath spotted orchid. To make it even more complicated, there are subspecies…

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  1. I have been always convinced, since our first emails exchange, that you are a fine gentleman, with a poetic touch ! 🙂 Ah ! .. a Radio-Amateur with a poetic touch ! …




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