Kazuo Ishiguro: The Buried Giant – unfortunately not a proper review…


As Mr Ishiguro is my absolute favorite author since many years, and as his latest novel, The Buried Giant, is perhaps his greatest work, I have for so long wanted to write a proper review, but now I give up. I simply don’t have the language, talent, capacity to manage to do it. Instead I would just like to say a couple of words:

  • The Buried Giant is just like the Gospel of St. John. You can read it like just another nice book, or you can spend the rest of your life penetrating the different layers and levels of the story, and with your own imagination and thoughts fill in the blanks… You can also try to think of possible implications for our daily lives, and for our civilization at large.
  • Don’t worry when you hear that this is a fantasy-novel. When Mr Ishiguro “stretches the reality” a bit, it is never for its own sake.

Well that’s all. Not much and I wish I could do it better.

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