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  1. Over the last few years I discovered the joys of a fine point fountain pen. I now prefer fine points. Nice 51s.

    Tytera will release a mobile DMR radio this summer. I sold my HF equipment with plans to purchase DMR radios.

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  2. Hi Sam,
    Amazing world we are living in. I made this blog post entirely with my Android phone while walking the dog in the woods, and you have read it and made a comment from across the Atlantic Ocean, while I’m still in the woods!

    Oh, no! Dropping HF! I’m dreaming about CW on 20 meters…


  3. My HF radios had been silent for years. A friend at Clemson University lent me his DMR radio. I am hooked.

    We play with amazing technology – blogs from the woods, Internet conversations across the ocean, and ham radio. Life is good.

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  4. I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I’m extremely pleased that I did! Tis a lovely site and I too enjoy writing with fountain pens, I own a few, my favorite being a ‘Waterman.’ I’m a middle aged man as well, and I vividly recall my family writing with fountain pens as a child, so it is in some sense natural for me to still use them, but it is also nostalgic as well. Greetings from America. . . Florida to be exact.


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