Pelikan M120N, my new everyday companion 



Pelikan M120N, Copyright: Lennart Wennberg


Pelikan M120N 003

Pelikan M120N, Fine nib. Copyright: Lennart Wennberg


I just want to announce to the world that I at last have found The Pen, it’s my new Pelikan M120N with F nib!

Why, when I have a lot of nice pens of different brands? (And I know I have said these kind of things before…) 
As I am often on the go and cannot spend hours at a proper desk, I need a pen that I always can carry with me.
The M120N meets all my criterias:

I. It fits securely in my shirtpocket, in opposite to larger, or longer, pens like my Parker 51s, my Sailor Realo etc.
II. It writes like dream and is fine enough for smaller writing.
III. The green ink-window is clearer than the gray ones of my M200s and the pen i said to hold 0.9 mL of ink, which is a decent amount.
IV. I love the Retro design.
V. I really appreciate that Pelikan is a company that you, as the smallest of customers, can communicate with. I feel appreciated, respected and valued!
VI. In short, the M120N “sings” for me. I mean I have a lot of good writers, some pens very beautiful, but the M120N is the one and only pen that fills all my criterias, and I feel that this pen will be my lifetime companion. (M200 green marble, comes close I must admit…)

It’s a pity for the nice presentation box, as the pen is never to return to it, but it’s a great reminder that the M120N constitutes a great gift!

Lennart Wennberg

PS: I am a happy customer of MarteModena in Italy, from were I bought this pen.

4 responses

  1. Nice photos . . .
    I especially like the top picture.
    Would you describe the nib as flexible or stiff?


  2. Hi Sam, my faithful reader and friend!
    I would say that the nib is neither flexible nor stiff, It has definitely a bit of “springiness” or “give” but is far from flexible. I cannot judge but as you know, there are many who claim that the modern steel nibs for the M2XX are better writers than the gold nibs of the same size for the M4xx.


  3. The Namiki Falcon sports a flexible nib. I had one a few years ago. My penmanship skills do not demonstrate enough finesse to utilize the varying line width. Stiff nibs suit my needs.

    Yes, your comment on steel nibs vs gold nibs lands “spot on.” I like stiff steel nibs. One can purchase these nibs at a more affordable price and they perform well.

    Your review makes me want to try the M102N. I will be in Atlanta at the end of the month. Hopefully, I will have time to visit the pen shop. Thank you for the review.


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