Books: “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro

Let me state once and for all; Kazuo Ishiguro is my favourite author. His novel “The Remains of the Day” is alone worth the Nobel Prize, if you ask me.

“Never Let Me Go” , that I’m currently re-reading, is totally another kind of novel. It’s a kind of sci-fi novel but without spacecrafts and gadgets. It’s a heartwarming, and at the same time scaring, novel about friendship and a destiny of life totally different from ours.

Both mentioned novels are movies now, but I’ve chosen not to see them as I want to keep my internal pictures undistorted.

As you understand I highly recommend this book. Living in Sweden I use to buy my books from

“The Art of the Handwritten Note” by Margaret Shepherd

One of the books that has had the biggest impact in my life is the wonderful little volume “The Art of the Handwritten Note: A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Communication” by Margaret Shepherd.

A handwritten note is like dining by candlelight instead of flicking on the lights, like making a gift instead of ordering a product, like taking a walk instead of driving. Handwritten notes will add a lot to your life. You can still use the telephone or the Web for the daily chores of staying in touch, but for the words that matter, it’s courteous, classy, caring, and civilized to pick up a pen.  Margaret Shepherd

It is indeed an inspiring book, but not in the laid-back way like a glossy magazine. It touches the inner core of your heart, at least was it that way for me. It also contains a lot of practical tips.

I buy most of my books from where it’s easy to find.

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