Codex #4 – some pictures

As a request from my friend Sam Gray I have tried to take some more, and perhaps better, pictures of my hand-sewn books. I have found it surprisingly difficult to take good pictures of the books, much perhaps due to the contrast from the paper. Comments are welcome, in English, German and Swedish, and perhaps other languages as well…

Codex #4 021

Codex #4 028 (2)

Codex #4 020

Codex #4 004

Jämtland, Sweden, July 2015 A.D.

The last week of my summer-holiday my wife, our youngest daughter and I spent in the Northern province of Jämtland. When we drove up the 700 kms and almost were at our destination my wife, who was driving, shouted: “Björn!” (Swedish for bear). I lifted my camera and here is the result. It was the first time ever that I have seen a wild bear.

Sörvik 2015 001

When we parked the car we found these beautiful orchids.

Sörvik 2015 003

Sörvik 2015 036

My goal for this summer was to catch at least one trout or grayling on dry fly. During the week I caught several graylings, of which some ended in the frying pan…

I would like to give my sincere thanks to:

  • Fanny and the late Mel Krieger for inspiration and tutorials in casting.
  • Mr Christopher Rownes  for showing me the beauty of fly casting, and for kind support and encouragement.
  • The Guideline team, for providing excellent and affordable equipment.
  • Mr Harry Salmgren and Mr Mike Tebbs of the Grayling Society for a very warm reception to the Society

My goal for the next summer is to catch fish on flies that I have tied myself.

Sörvik 2015 038

Sörvik 2015 007

The weather was not the best, but at least we had a couple of beautiful sunsets.

Sörvik 2015 025


Dactylorchis maculata, my first wild orchid

Jungfru Marie hand

While taking a  long walk, (13 km), in the woods near our home, with our son Elias and our dog Nala, I discovered this beauty. When I consulted our flora at home I could confirm that this beautiful flower is in fact an orchid, the most common in Sweden. Its Swedish name is Jungfru Marie hand, (The hand of Virgin Mary).

Perhaps you have this orchid where you live as well?

Addendum: I must confess that I am a bit confused. As long as I consulted our ten-volume flora everything was clear-cut according to what I have written above. In Wikipedia things are a bit more complicated with a slightly different name, Dactylorhiza maculata, and a different Swedish name: Fläcknycklar. (English name according to Wikipedia: Heath spotted orchid. To make it even more complicated, there are subspecies…

My first authentic Byzantine coin, 1028-1034 A.D.

Thanks to Mr Ilya Zlobin of I am now the happy owner of an authentic, almost a thousand years old, coin from the Byzantine Empire, struck during the reign of Romanus III, 1028-1034 A.D. At the front there is Jesus Christ and on the back side there is a cross and the text: Jesus Christ – King of Kings. (IS XS BASILE BASILE). I have already ordered a second coin with my favorite Christogram: IC XC NI  KA.

Jesus Christ Class B i41910 a

Jesus Christ Class B i41910 b

And it was not at all expensive…

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