HB9CJR, 20 meter CW QRP


HB9CJR front


HB9CJR back

This QSL-card, that arrived just the other day(!), is very special to me:

  • It was from the first and only QSO that I had with my tiny Rock Mite 20 transceiver, from a kit that I assembled myself. (OK I had to send it to Germany once as I didn’t manage to solder a surface-mount IC-circuit properly.) I happened to connect the Rock Mite to a faulty power-supply later and the transceiver was damaged…
  • It was the first, and so far only, QSO where I used paddles.
  • It was the first, and so far only, QSO where I used a output power of less than 1 Watt!
  • I haven’t had any CW-QSO after this one…
  • Last but not least, having a contact with morse telegraphy with this real gentleman, kind and polite in a way you can feel through the dots and dashes!

Sometimes in the future I hope to be able to be active using CW again. Until then

73 de


Some of my CW QSLs

Bringing back nice memories from communication using the skill/art of Morse Telegrapy.

One of my QSL cards

This is a so called QSL-card I’ve received as a verification of a two-way  radio communication using CW, (Morse telegraphy). This fellow is from Tenerifa, one of the Canary Islands.

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