RTL Radio Luxembourg, 1440 kHz

If Radio Nederland was an institution on the shortwave bands, what was Radio Luxembourg on mediumwave then?? Ask anyone 60+ about their memories, impressions and opinions about Radio Luxembourg. It was THE radiostation. Everything that was new was played on Radio Luxembourg. I remember when Lynn Anderson’s “Rose Garden” was played several times, every hour.(!) I first heard about Elvis Presley’s untimely death on Radio Luxembourg. It didn’t take long before the first “I remember Elvis Presley” songs were played. Now the transmitter is still to be heard, but now they are relaying China Radio International. It’s a pity. A discjockey and a computer is all that is needed to once again have the real Radio Luxembourg on air…

RTL Radio Luxembourg a

RTL Radio Luxembourg b

Utvarp Foroya, 531 kHz

As you may have seen in one of my previous posts I had some wonderful experiences during my travel to the Faroe Islands in the Atlantic Ocean back in 1979. When I worked in Lycksele 1987-1988 I spent many hours chasing Utvarp Foroya on Mediumwave 531 kHz, and I managed at last. The result is this simple but charming QSL.

Utvarp Foroya

Utvarp Foroya b

Utvarp Foroya c

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