In my Shirtpocket, Feb 2017: Pelikan M120N and Parker “51” Vacumatic, 1946

The Pelikan is my universial pen for everyday use, but when I’m writing letters I need something special, and why not the classic black and gold Parker “51” Vacumatic from 1946. It’s a special feeling knowing that people before me have used this pen, and who knows what has been written with it…

Parker “51” Aerometric, England 1952 – behaving like a Sailor Naginata togi


The Sailor Naginata togi is a special nib, ground like the keel of a boat. The nib costs $$$ and I have recently read somewhere that if you order one you’ll have to wait up to one year to get it in your hands. I happen to have a Sailor PG with that nib. The way it is ground makes it writes like a fine nib at a vertical angle, and wide at a low angle and with a continuum in between.

To my big surprise, I just the other day discovered that one of my old Parker “51”, an English Aerometric from 1952, behaved exactly like a Naginata togi, and the pictures below are to illustrate that. What I don’t know is if the “Naginata togi effect” is due to the way the nib is ground, or due to wear over the years or possibly a combination of both. The interesting thing is that the Parker “51” does the same thing as the Sailor nib, but with much less tipping material.

I hope that some nib-experts will leave their comments…

PS: I’m sorry for the inferior quality of the pictures, it was a cloudy day which effects both the brightness and the depth of the focus. Perhaps I can later replace the pictures with better ones…

Writing sample

Parker 51 Naginata togi 003

Lovely Parker ’51’ ad, (circa 1948-50)


I simply love this ad, which I have framed! I love all what the advertisement and the pen itself, stands for.
I love the expressions like: “Given and used by famous people”
(Well, not exclusively by famous people, as I’m writing with P51s on a daily basis…)

Or “It goes almost without saying that people with a reputation for good taste should write with a New Parker ’51’ – and should choose it as a special gift. For them, the best is natural.” (Well, it’s hard to top that sentence.)

Another thing is that the woman, Eileen Joyce, is a professional individual and a mother, not just having stunning eyelashes like in the ads of today…

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Addendum: If you read about Ms Joyce’s life, not everything is flattering and perhaps she wasn’t the caring mother her son needed, but I love the ad nevertheless…

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