Parker Vacumatic 1946

If you happen to be one of my penpals you have probably received one or two letters written with this pen, a Parker Vacumatic 1946. It once belonged to a ”MARVIN YATES” of whom I know nothing. I bought the pen from a friend on . I sent it to Mr Björn Arebom in Malmö in Southern Sweden. He installed a new nib, a breather tube and a new diaphragm and voilá, an absolutely gorgeous pen that I use for those special letters. It’s filled with J.Herbin ”Lie de Thé”.

Parker Vacumatic 1946, nib

Parker Vacumatic 1946, black

Two of my Parker Vacumatics

Sailors and Parker 51s are my user pens, but when it comes to beauty, these pens wins. The Emerald Pearl is a 3rd Generation from 1946 and the Golden Pearl is a 2nd Generation from 1939.

(If you click on the picture first and then zoom you can even read the imprint on the barrels!)

Parker Vacumatic. Golden Pearl 1939. Emerald Pearl 1946

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