Radio Sweden, 6065 kHz

Radio Sweden a

Radio Sweden b

In the glory days of international broadcasting, Radio Sweden were pretty prominent, both on 6065 kHz and om medium wave 1178/1179 kHz. In the early 70s there was a popular radio show late Saturday evenings, hosted by Kangaroo Kim and Big Bad Roger. (I think the latter is a professor now.)


HB9CJR, 20 meter CW QRP


HB9CJR front


HB9CJR back

This QSL-card, that arrived just the other day(!), is very special to me:

  • It was from the first and only QSO that I had with my tiny Rock Mite 20 transceiver, from a kit that I assembled myself. (OK I had to send it to Germany once as I didn’t manage to solder a surface-mount IC-circuit properly.) I happened to connect the Rock Mite to a faulty power-supply later and the transceiver was damaged…
  • It was the first, and so far only, QSO where I used paddles.
  • It was the first, and so far only, QSO where I used a output power of less than 1 Watt!
  • I haven’t had any CW-QSO after this one…
  • Last but not least, having a contact with morse telegraphy with this real gentleman, kind and polite in a way you can feel through the dots and dashes!

Sometimes in the future I hope to be able to be active using CW again. Until then

73 de


IBRA Radio

IBRA is a Swedish based religious media company, belonging to the Pentecostal movement, (Pingströrelsen). During the glory days of Shortwave broadcasting they had their own produced programs in Swedish, as well as other languages, and also sold air-time to different evangelistic associations. They used the transmitters of Radio Trans Europe in Portugal. As a teenager I used to make tape recordings of the different programs. I still remember parts of the programs, for instance the last speech by the founder of the Pentecostal movement in Sweden Mr Lewi Pethrus. I also remember recordings with Pastor Jimmie Snow from the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN.



Polskie Radio, 6135 kHz

When I grew up during the Cold War there were at least a dozen different international shortwave stations that had transmissions in Swedish. Me and and a couple of my friends used old domestic radios with glowing tubes to pick up and listen to these transmissions after the school-day. It was very difficult to explain all this to our teachers. Polskie Radio, or “Polens Radio Warszawa”, as they were called in Swedish was one of those broadcasters, and one of the nicest. They read our letters on air, which was an incredible experience for a schoolboy, and we learned that Chopin was from Poland and we heard about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943…

It was a cold war, but Polskie Radio was one of the “softest” broadcasters from the other side of the Iron Curtain.

Now Radio Polonia has only shortwave transmissions in Polish, Belarussian and Russian, from transmitters in Bulgaria…

Polskie Radio a

Polskie Radio b

NRK, Radio Norway

I have very fond memories of NRK and Radio Norway. They had very nice shows on shortwave with music requests and greetings to the Norwegian seamen far away from home. On mediumwave they had a very very powerful transmitter on 1314 kHz. When I was on duty at Lycksele lasarett, the little hospital in Lycksele and had one of the pretty rare opportunities to go downstairs to get some rest, NRK on 1314 kHz was the only station I could receive on my tiny little receiver.

I remember in the 80s when I lived in Flemingsberg I heard when the hosts of a nighttime show called the Soviet Embassy in Oslo and asked them how they would celebrate the CIA ,which had some kind of anniversary that day!

NRK Radio Norway


NRK Radio Norway b

Radio Mediterranean, 1557 kHz

When I, in January 1987, moved to Lycksele in Northern Sweden my first priority was to hang up a decent long-wire antenna. I remember climbing on the chimney of a nearby house in  -32 C. It was then nice to warm up with some music from the Mediterranean island of Malta. I could not imagine that I 18 years, and five children later, would visit this wonderful little country!

Radio Mediterranean

Radio Mediterranean b

Radio Nederland, 9895 kHz

Radio Nederland, was not just another international shortwave broadcaster, it was an Institution, a Benchmark. Now the shortwave bands are empty without Radio Nederland. The programs were outstanding, the Happy Station Show, and the DX-program were unsurpassed in my opinion. Radio Nederland had a lot of publications in the field of shortwave listening, free on request! Radio Nederland, you have a special place in my heart…

Radio Nederland a

Radio Nederland b


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