Tanita Tikaram

Our first four children arrived within a time span of five years, 1989 to 1994. During those years I spent several hours, around the clock, carrying crying babies around in the living-room. The television set was often tuned to MTV.

One music video that really swept me off my feet was this one, and Tanita Tikaram was from that point forever in my personal Music Hall of Fame.

Just beautiful isn’t it?

My wife liked this song more, mostly because of the oboe part… A true Classic.

The years went by and these two songs were the only ones of TT that I knew of. Early 2009 when I was working away from home I came to think about Tanita and checked on YouTube, and Wow! This woman is a true genius, poet and musician! The list of her masterpieces just goes on and on and on…


These three music videos must be some of the classiest ever done, if you ask me.

Some people claim that Tanita sometimes is too moody and melancholic and if you just take this song they will not be contradicted… At least she is not just trying to get cheap points.


Love is always a theme in Tanita’s songs but love in her songs is never simple.

Well, I wrote this during a train-ride home for the weekend. Tanita is often in my earphones when I travel. I hope that this post inspires you to discover the wonderful world of music, signed by Tanita Tikaram, for yourself.



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