Don’t Leave Me This Way

Well Friends, some songs are simply just better than others. This one is definitely one of my favorites. Let’s start with this version with Thelma Houston  from 1977. Classy!


Next version, from 1986, is perhaps the best known. It’s just as good. The Communards, Jimmy Somerville vocals and Richard Coles on piano, featuring Sarah Jane Morris. (BTW: Sarah Jane Morris was born just six days before me! 1959 was a good year.) The combination with her deep, and his high-pitched voice, is just brilliant! June Miles-Kingston is playing the drums.


Another version from the 80s: Jimmy Somerville together with Caroline Buckley. June Miles-Kingston is still on the drums, but who are the two backup singers?


From Thelma Houston to Sarah Jane Morris. A powerful version.


This post was written during a train ride from Stockholm to Örebro…

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