Ester Olivia Sandström (née Eriksson), 1895-1977

Ester Olivia Sandström, 1895-1977

Can you imagine. This absolutely stunning photograph of my Grandmother was taken about 100 years ago, in Umeå in Northern Sweden. Those of you who know me can recognize her in me, or even in at least two of our children. This is  absolutely a top notch portrait. The photographer didn’t have the possibility to take a lot of shots and erase most of them. Look at the light and the soft shades! Absolutely brilliant! But most important for me, it’s my Grandmother.

Zoltan Fountain Pen, ca 1958

My brother Leif found this pen for me through an advertisement in a local newspaper in our hometown Umeå. The pen was presented 1958 or 1959 to Miss Gun Jonsson by the Swedish actor Fritiof Billquist (1901-1972). Miss Jonsson was then working at Stora Hotellet in Umeå and the pen was later sent to her from Mr Billquist as a gift of gratitude as Miss Jonsson once drove him to a gig.

The brand Zoltan was a mystery until the Swedish pen-historian, Mr Pär Strand, could tell that this in fact was a Swedish pen, manufactured by the company AB Ingvar Nord in the nearby city of Sundsvall! (OK I think the nib is from Germany.)

The pen is a piston filler and works perfect.

Mr Strand has a couple of Zoltan pens, but if you know of any more exemplars, please tell us.

About the actor:

The only other reference about Zoltan pens that I know of:

Zoltan I

Zoltan II

Zoltan III

Zoltan IV

A picture from my childhood

I don’t remember posing for this picture but I remember the setting. Due to the sunlight and the amount of snow it should have been taken in late February or March. This picture was taken 1966 and I seem to have lost some teeth. The Volvo PV 544 is my brother’s.

Brännland, Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden, 1966

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