SOTA, Summits On The Air, Kindlahöjden SM/OR-001

While working last week in Kopparberg I had the opportunity, one evening,  to leave work as early as 19:00. So I hurried to borrow a car and headed for my first attempt to activate a SOTA approved mountain.


After parking the car I started walking to reach the summit…


From the summit, 425 m above sea-level, you cannot see anything except trees, so therefore they have built this tower.


Even though it was a glorious day, up in the tower it was pretty windy.


This was my equipment. I called CQ SOTA from SM0VPE/4P, for about 1½ hour, on 145,500 MHz and I got two QSO:s, (two-way contacts), with SA4 BEP Lasse and SM4EPR Mats. Thank you both for calling me! Unfortunately this was an incomplete activation as you need four two-way contacts. As I didn’t know until the last minute that I would make a try for the summit, and because of an ongoing ice-hockey game between Sweden and Canada I didn’t make the activation this time, but I was rewarded with this sunset…


Finally I want to thank Christian Hadler, OE5HCE, of Austria. His videos are outstanding, and he is a great guy! Take a look for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

To learn about the SOTA program


Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

ARISS, 7 Jan 2013

What is this, you might ask. Well I’ll try to explain:

The International Space Station is circling around our planet since many years. On the the ISS is an amateur radio station manned by licensed operators in the crew. Today, Jan 7, 2013, the amateur radio station on ISS had a planned contact with a school in France, and I was lucky enough to listen to some fragments of the communication on my handheld transceiver, and what you can see in the picture is the display as I’m listening to ISS!

(Later I asked myself why on earth I was so stupid not making a video-recording of my reception…)

Update 2013-01-27:

This is the beautiful QSL-card that I’ve got as a verification of my reception. (The next goal is to actually talk with the crew! But for that I’ll have to wait until summer when the orbit is higher above the horizon, plus good luck.)

ARISS, 7 Jan 2013 002

ARISS, 7 Jan 2013 004

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